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a strategy and creativity cocktail

we craft Meta and TikTok strategies and creative for brands and agencies who know the value of standing out.

delivering the creative that helps modern brands scale

decades of marketing experience: check. a lifelong passion for the arts (and the network of performers and professionals to prove it): check. 

ninki is a team of creative strategists. of strategic creatives. of people who know what they do, love what they do, and use this knowledge and passion to drive results.

we work with bold brands and agile agencies. the sort who understand the value of creating sharp, spicy and drop dead gorgeous content, and strategically delivering these goodies to the right eyes.
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one part creative agency. one part strategic partner. a perfect social content mix.

creative from creatives
our award-winning team of artists, filmmakers, actors and editors live and breathe creativity.
deep strategic knowhow
we combine the art of content with the science of strategy to help brands dominate social media.
an end-to-end service
step one: develop creative concepts. step two: shoot and edit. step three: deliver the results.
a spot at the leading edge
we constantly monitor social media trends and adapt to changes so our clients don’t have to.

"we just didn’t have the time or energy to come up with creative ways to tell our story…"

here’s what happened when Happenstance, an award-winning gin distillery, handed the creative reins to ninki.

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