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building a brand should be a joy, not a chore. our process focuses on research and strategy topped with a generous dollop of fun.

a process honed over centuries

…or at least it feels that way – social media moves fast. but we aren’t the types to rest on our laurels. we don’t even own laurels. we much prefer constant movement – evolution, optimisation, being better than yesterday and the day before that.

the ninki process is the product of our constant testing and tinkering. it’s the best method we’ve found to drive the best possible results for our clients. and good news: we’ve gone and made it enjoyable.

ninki’s patented* recipe for free-range, grass-fed, juicy brand success

*not patented.
1. listen and learn

each and every ninki team member has twice as many ears than they do mouths. this comes in handy during the first step of our process, in which we simply shut up and listen.

the only time we’ll make a sound is to ask probing questions that get to the heart of the matter at hand: the business, the brand, the goals, the audience, the works.

2. play and present

research complete, we break out the toy box and dress-ups, because it’s play time. we develop an overarching strategy that will drive your brand toward your marketing goals. we build organic and paid strategies, including creative concepts that give you a more tangible sense of what your audience will see.

our creative strategist then serves up this hard work – along with cake and/or bubbles – in a truly poppin’ presentation.

3. create and launch

creative strategy approved, we create the content required to fulfil it. we take care of the whole shebang: production and location fees; sourcing models, actors, influencers and UGC creators; planning, capturing, editing and adding that unique ninki sparkle; feeding everyone just the right amount of caffeine.

armed with an arsenal of creative, we’re ready for launch! we set the content free in the carefully choreographed, highly optimised way laid out in the strategy.

4. manage and optimise

ninki strategies are living, breathing things. we don’t set and forget content. we monitor, manage, test and optimise.

the starting point of your strategy is exactly that; a foundation on which we build, grabbing more eyes and converting more customers as we enhance and improve.

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here’s what happened when Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens, SA’s premier outdoor lifestyle business, gave ninki the keys to drive their content.

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