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consider the socials managed

premium social media management for brands and agencies; we do it all, we do it awesome.

strategic, holistic: social media done right

at ninki we live to see our clients blow up (in a good way). we use our deep strategic knowledge and expertise, knack for content production, and passion for socials to light the fuse.

we can take full custody of a brand’s Meta and TikTok accounts, or manage specific elements:
social media strategy development
strategy implementation
content production
content scheduling
audience engagement
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we partner with agencies to build brands

alongside our work with brands, we also help agencies drop their clients’ jaws – a silent partner turning socials from meh to amazing.

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we’re social savants that bring the knowledge, experience and talent a brand needs to dominate its chosen platforms

social media veterans
we’ve been at the leading edge of social media marketing since 2009, and we work hard to stay there.
strategic substance
we gain a deep understanding of the brands we represent, then we craft bespoke strategies that work.
we know our niche
we focus on Meta and TikTok. we know, love and dominate these platforms (150,000+ followers and counting).
art and science
our strategic nous is paired with deep creativity – we even make award-winning films in our spare time.
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you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

who does ninki work with?

our social media management services are designed for two main types of client:

  • agencies looking for high-end help in managing their clients’ social media accounts.
  • brands looking for social media management or strategic assistance to grow their online presence.
what does the strategy development process look like?

you can read up on our process here, but in double quick time, our process goes thusly:

  • listen and learn: our onboarding process tells us all we need to know about a brand.
  • play and present: we use the onboarding insights to develop and present a creative social media strategy (paired with your choice of cake or bubbles).
  • create and launch: strategy approved, we create the content and launch the campaign.
  • manage and optimise: with your strategy in motion, we manage, test and optimise to maximise impact.
where is ninki based?

ninki is based in adelaide, south australia, but has been dealing with multinational brands since day dot. at the risk of sounding new age, borders are just imaginary lines, dudes.