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content that crushes it

we don’t deal in feed filler. we create Meta and TikTok content that takes brands where they want to go.

content wing-women for brands and agencies

ninki content captivates, persuades and compels. it radiates the vibes of the brand it represents. it jumps out of the screen and into hearts and minds.

carefully crafted for socials, our videos and stills come in a range of delicious flavours:
creative concepts that we develop, capture and edit.
documentary, in-the-wild content that offers a peek behind the curtain.
user-generated and influencer content solicited from proven talent.
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the proof is in the pud

why tell you when we can show you? stop, drop and scroll through some of our primo content. treat yourself.

gimme some of that

we’re content whiz kids with the creativity, passion, knowledge and network to make any brand pop

award-winning creatives
content isn’t just our job – it’s our hobby too. we make films for fun (including a couple of award-winners).
talent up the wazoo
between creative work and play we’ve built up a mega-network of on-screen and off-screen talent.
a Meta and TikTok focus
we focus on what we’re good at. we know our niche, and we do it well (as our TikTok follower count can attest).
it’s all strategy, baby
strategic nous is our secret sauce, ensuring we create purposeful content that has a real impact.
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you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

who does ninki create content for?

our content creation services are designed for two main types of client:

  • agencies looking for help developing creative concepts and content for client campaigns. 
  • brands looking for content that increases social media visibility and improves ad campaign performance.
how does ninki find and curate its talent?

as veterans of the performing arts scene, we’ve spent years building up a healthy and vibrant network of creatives. we also court talent as and when our clients need it, finding performers, influencers and end users who perfectly align with the brands they’ll represent.

where is ninki based?

ninki is based in adelaide, south australia, but has been dealing with multinational brands since day dot. at the risk of sounding new age, borders are just imaginary lines, dudes.