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we’re ninki

veteran marketers and creatives. wing-women to brands and agencies looking for better content. toilet humour enthusiasts.

meh, bleh content makes us itchy (maybe allergies?). so we make the cool, creative, wow stuff instead.

we work with big brands and agencies to craft the awesome content that the best, most effective campaigns demand. we develop creative concepts, we shoot and edit, and we deliver the shiny results to our clients wrapped in little, pink, metaphorical bows.
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chanelle le roux
head honcho, gin connoisseur, triple threat

with 15 years in the game, what chanelle doesn’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing. a performer, communication science graduate and full-throttle go-getter, chanelle is ninki’s owner and driving force.

kate marwood
copywriter, award-winning scriptwriter, retired emo

armed with a bachelor in creative writing, kate has the receipts to back up her formidable writing reputation. two sentences simply can’t do this rat fan and human ray of sunshine justice.

megan rausch
social media specialist, fashionista, chocoholic

megan comes with a bachelor in media and marketing under her belt and an analytical brain under her hat. she keeps those impressive cogs whirring with a steady diet of paperbacks and wes anderson flicks.

why we do what we do

ever notice how content is getting a bit samey? sure, trends are trends for a reason, but does following the latest one really help a brand stand out?

we don’t think so. we believe brands deserve better: video ads and marketing materials that don’t just look good, but that are truly unique. that engage, entertain and compel the audience to act. we make content that is 100% boredom- and cliche-free: that’s a ninki pinky promise.
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